5 reason to start your daily with a Golden Latte

5 reason to start your daily with a Golden Latte


  1. Ignite your digestive fire!

According to Ayurveda, a 5000+ year old holistic, eastern medicine practice, Agni is the digestive fire within us all that determines how our body assimilates food and nutrients. The theories within Ayurveda suggests that we begin the day with a warming beverage and nurturing tonic, like turmeric in warm milk or turmeric with hot water and apple cider vinegar, we really ignite our internal flame and in turn, boost energy for the rest of the day.

  1. Stabilise your energy and blood sugar levels

Most people consume a good dose of caffeine first thing in the morning to help boost their energy levels. However, over time, this can become a habit and before you know it, the addiction means the so called “boost” can become redundant. Plus, what goes up, must come down, so many people despite feeling a rise in energy, also feel the come down right about mid-afternoon. The great thing about turmeric lattes are that they are caffeine and sugar free so provide no instant boost but also no withdrawal or come down. Plus, with the added benefits of Ceylon cinnamon, our Golden Lattes can help stabilise blood sugar and therefore enhance overall energy consistency.

  1. Anti-oxidant support

The anti-oxidant benefits from turmeric are long lasting. With the daily pressures of life, stress, processed foods and our environment all impacting our overall health more than ever, it so important to make sure what we consume, is not adding to this list but instead, giving our bodies the materials, it needs to combat long-term effects of free radicals (oxidation). Our Golden Lattes definitely offer that daily support of anti-oxidants you need.

  1. Anti-inflammatory properties

Turmeric offers amazing healing and anti-inflammatory properties. Having a decent hit (and yes making sure you Golden Latte has enough, at least 2g, of high quality turmeric is so important otherwise this advice is made redundant) first thing in the morning, will ensure that any inflammation causing upset with the digestive system can be immediately addresses. Contrary to coffee, that can in fact irritate the gut lining, turmeric lattes offer support and relief to uncomfortable inflammation.

  1. They taste amazing!

Turmeric lattes are filled with a combination of healing herbs to help you benefit overall and are a great substitute for the traditional morning coffee. Our Golden Lattes, as well as being scientifically formulated, also have the yumminess of ginger and cinnamon so that when added to your favourite milk, this cup of delish can really become addictive for all the right reasons!