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Golden Goss with Tom Davidson - Founder Patch Cafe and Express, Richmond

Golden Goss with Tom Davidson - Founder Patch Cafe and Express, Richmond

Please tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Tommy Davidson. I grew up in Hobart in a family of five. We all moved to Geelong to support my dad in his footy job with Geelong Football Club when I was eighteen. I was a very talented junior sportsman and eventually got drafted to Collingwood Football Club when I was nineteen. My career didn’t go to plan! It was five years of some serious injuries and some weird little ones too! The weirdest one being a “corky” in the calf that caused the calf to swell up to three times the size and took six weeks to come back to its original size. I also didn’t show the application that was required to make it to the top. I was a kid from Tassie thrust into a bustling Melbourne night life!

Whilst being injured so much during my football career I learnt a lot about human movement and the best way for a body to function at it’s optimum. I worked with some of the best physios, trainers and boxing coaches whilst rehabilitating from injuries and I developed a strong passion for working in the gym!

The things I loved most about PT was helping people improve their lifestyles, health, and perception of themselves. I also loved being able to meet people from a broad spectrum of life and being able to get to know them intimately. I also got to travel with this job, mostly to LA where I was the trainer for a company called Hollywood Immersive. It was in LA where I started reading about the paleo and primal movement. Mostly through Mark Sisson. I then had an idea to start a paleo restaurant called Patch

How did you get into the Hospitality industry?

During a training session at a local gym, I mentioned to a client that I wanted to start a paleo cafe and he conveniently said he was interested in doing something in hospitality too! It was a hunch that the market would embrace a paleo cafe and it turned out to be quite good timing! Starting Patch was a HUGE learning curve and a lot of work. I wouldn't recommend hospitality to everyone!

What are your tips for staying balanced?

I’m still learning how to balance things out for myself! Doing things that I enjoy and genuinely make me happy is what I want to do more of. These things for me are exercise, playing sport, getting out in the sun, eating well, being around positive and friendly people and spending time with loved ones. Sometimes work can get the better of all of us and we are striving to make an impact, but it’s very important to do the things you are good at and have an open mind to learn other things too!

What’s your go to meal to impress on a date?

Fish curry with green veggies. Golden Grind mixed with curry powder is the best! Or in terms of eating out, I love Chin Chin for a date - my favourite restaurant in Melbourne.

Most awkward you’ve seen in the café?

A customer was giving us some negative feedback on our horticulture setup when she slipped and fell on her butt in front of a full house! Lucky, she didn't hurt herself!

Do you live by a full Paleo diet?

No. I eat what I please although most of the time I naturally choose foods that fit in with the paleo way of eating. As a basic rule, I eat when I’m hungry and I eat real food (unprocessed).

Tips for 2017?

Be kind, don’t worry and keep smiling!

What’s your take on the social influencers scene? Is it here to stay?

I think it is here to stay for the near future. I personally don’t use it that often and I think people are consumed by that whole world way too much. There is a lot of opportunity out there for business exposure and I like it because of that. I don’t need to know when someone is going to the cinema an eating popcorn however!

What do you do to keep so fit?  

I walk a lot. My work and lifestyle is on the move and not sedentary. I lift weights 2 or 3 times a week and do a lot of flexibility work. I also love to play Frisbee and kick the footy around the park with my mates and brother! I like to vary exercise and movement and right now I’m trying some gymnastics and crawling training with a PT at Richmond Fitness First, where our new business Patch Express is setup!

What’s your favourite way to use Golden Grind?

Using Golden Grind in cooking is definitely my favourite way! Especially in curries and stir fries.


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