You heard it here first – What will we be eating and drinking more of this year?!!

Below is our top 10 list of what’s hitting our shores hard and making their way into daily life.

  1. Functional Drink and Snacks

Fast paced lifestyles mean we want more from less. Many people are still shifting away from large meal times and replacing with smart snacking and drinking. From this, the demand is wanting to ‘achieve’ something from these small meals and sips. Think call-to-actions everywhere; sleep, anxiety, GUT health, energise…. Ain’t got time for boring old empty products. Super-foods and super-drinks with as much added for functional outcomes as possible.

  1. Seafood Snacks

Marine life is better for us than we know! So many omegas, great fats and minerals, you will learn to love dry seaweed, sushi lover or not!!                  

  1. Dairy Free Ice Cream

Avocado, tahini and coconut, of course. Top picks for everyone’s fav ice cream bases replacing dairy rapidly this year and filling your freezers.

  1. Eco Conscious

Plastic free, recycled elements, caring for the planet. There is more thought required nowadays than simply doing things quick and cheap. People want substance now and want to know that the products they are purchasing are somehow helping contribute to a better world, sustainably and ethically. 

  1. Not Meat, Meat

Veganism is on the rise! Chances are, even if you’re not ‘vegan’ or ‘vegetarian’ you will be reaching for some meat alternative this year. Documentary after documentary is showing us the significant, and quite frankly, disgusting effects and treatment of animals that the meat industry causes. Not to mention all the health impacts of poor meat practises. It's no wonder they are inspiring a global shift. Lentil burger anyone?

  1. Hemp

Legalised for human consumption in 2017 in Australia, built momentum in 2018, 2019 is the year HEMP really starts to sky rocket. The protein element alone is wondrous but listen up Australian government, it’s time for CBD!!!

  1. More Pro’s

Probiotic my life. GUT GUT GUT. The beauty about this category is that we are now able to enjoy shelf stable probiotics and therefore, add them to almost any snack. They are super important so don’t expect to see these powerful doses of good bacteria’s slow down.

  1. Healthy Fats

A winner for a good few years now, fats are here to be celebrated. Fad diets (whilst these in isolation are definitely a thing of the past) like Keto, have given well deserved praise to positively using fats to make us feel fuller for longer. They can also add much needed nutrients in our diets for helping with important things like cellular health.  

  1. Cold Coffee

“Iced latte to go” a few years back meant super-size my coffee and add a whole lotta cream and ice cream please. Yuck. This year (and particularly this time of year) more of us are happy with our single origin, snobby coffee shot to be accompanied by some simple ice blocks and a dash of milk (almond of course!) But one step better than this – Cold brew coffee in ready to drink form. 

  1. Transparent labels

It’s not what you know but who you know…unless its what you eat. Then it’s 100% what we know and we want to know more now than ever. Nutritional panel, great, but please also tell me; where was this product made, where were the ingredients from and what exactly are these ingredients. Chance are, anything with numbers or long artificial words that we can’t pronounce are going to be left on shelf.

Written by Co-Founder Tahli Watts BEXSc BHSc (Nut)