Want to join the Golden Team in more ways than just consuming?

Want to contribute to our vision of providing the world with better ways to “Prevent, Cure, Heal, Naturally?” Well then, we want you!!!

Golden Grind is looking for real, every day, healthy and positive role models!!

In exchange for sharing and promoting the Golden Grind brand and products, we are willing to send you free product, share your profile amongst our networks and much more.

To get in touch and learn more, please send us an email (hello@goldengrind.com.au) with:

  1. Your name, age, gender and location
  2. Social media handles/profiles
  3. Personal goals and ambitions
  4. Representation or management (if applicable)
  5. Any other current sponsorship arrangements
  6. A note on “Why you’re a Golden girl/guy”
  7. Potential doable reach tasks to help spread the Golden word (ie. Social post, content creation, WOM, etc) – What you can offer us.
  8. Ideal objective/gained outcomes for your brand (ie. Free product, payment, exposure, for the love, etc) – What we can offer you.

We are so excited to hear from you!!

All recipients will be responded to via email once the above 8 criteria questions have been sent. Please allow a couple of weeks for processing.

In the meantime, STAY GOLD!!!

By providing Golden Grind with your reviews, images, photos or videos, you agree and understand that Golden Grind has the right, where permitted by law to print, publish, broadcast, distribute, use in any choice of media format now known or hereafter developed, anywhere, without limitation, your details, images and videos - all content provided, without any further compensation, notice, agreement or consent. 
Golden Grind reserves the right to cancel, change, terminate or suspend this offer at any time without notice. 
Golden Grind will send and provide the exchanged goods, financials, compensation agreed upon at time of submission should your entry be accepted based on the sole desire of Golden Grind done so via email.