We’re looking for real people who have had real positive experiences with Golden Grind products that are willing to share their story.

All you have to do is send us either a picture or video of yourself with your favourite Golden Grind product and words on how it worked for you or what you loved most about it.

For every usable pic or video, we will thank you by sending out FREE PRODUCT!!!

1 x Picture of yourself with a Golden Grind product and written review = 1 x free product

1 x Video of yourself with a Golden Grind product and review = 2 x free products

Plus, the best pics and videos of the month go in the chance to win a Turmeric All Star Pack and the chance to be an ongoing Golden Grind ambassador.

Easy right?!!

So, go have some fun and send us your HAPPY content today!!


  1. Film or take pics in a room with lots of natural light or outside in the sun.
  2. Speak clear and slow
  3. Ideal video length is 15-45 seconds
  4. Smart Phone is perfect for filming or shooting
  5. Avoid adding or using any filters
  6. Send your content to us via our Facebook messenger, email or direct messenger on Instagram
  7. Send us your social handles if you want to be tagged
  8. Send us your happy customer thoughts in writing if you have a still image/pic
  9. Be yourself and
  10. SMILE


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Golden Grind reserves the right to cancel, change, terminate or suspend this offer at anytime without notice. 
Golden Grind will send and provide the free product featured and agreed upon at time of submission should your entry be accepted based on the sole desire of Golden Grind.