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Miracle Turmeric Face Mask

Miracle Turmeric Face Mask

Miracle Turmeric Face Mask


I'll give you beautiful, glowing skin with my NEW high quality, dry turmeric face mask.

Why? Because turmeric has antiseptic and antibacterial properties that when applied directly to the face that will help to keep your skin clean and blemish free, fighting off pimples and breakouts and provide you with youthful glowing skin. Turmeric will also help to reduce inflammation and clear acne scars. Ancient cultures have been proving it's wondrous, glowing effects for many years. The added Australian Sandalwood in my formula will work as a wonderful exfoliate, the Fullers Earth is a natural clay that will help purify and draw out toxins and the incredible Hyaluronic Acid is calming, hydrating, and oxidant combating. Plus I smell amazing with organic orange peel and essential oil. 

I'm easy to use; simply add a tablespoon of the dry mask powder to either water (for oily skin) or a natural oil like coconut or avocado oil (for dry skin) to form a paste and then apply generously to your face and leave to dry. After 10-15 minutes, scrub hard with a dark cloth (warning I can look to stain at first but will always wash off). Follow scrub with your favourite cleanser and then enjoy the smoothest, cleanest and naturally healthiest version of your skin! Enjoy me 1-2 times per week. 

Ingredients: organic turmeric powder, Australian sandalwood powder, fuller's earth clay, organic orange peel, hyaluronic acid and essential orange oil. 

50g per jar     ||     10 masks per jar

FREE black face cloth and bamboo mixing spoon with every order

✓ Vegan and not tested on animals

✓ 100% Natural 

✓ For all skin types

✓ Absolutely no nasties

“I love to do a weekly pamper on my skin which always includes a mask. I had been looking into the benefits of turmeric for my skin and knew it was great and that's when I found Golden Grind turmeric face mask. This product smells incredible and applications is super easy . My skin seems more even, softer and has a glow. Love love love!” - Cassie of Geelong

“My skin feels incredible after using the Face Mask.” – Ashlee Anne of Melbourne