Think Turmeric.
Think Golden Grind.


Think Turmeric.
Think Golden Grind.


The World's first
raw turmeric

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Golden Grind is your premium turmeric brand, bringing you easy, innovative and proven ways to use and consume more turmeric everyday!

New Turmeric Face Mask

Let the wonders of my turmeric transform your skin...

Turmeric Face Mask

Turmeric is a bright yellow root that has been celebrated for thousands of years as an anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and anti microbial.

Ancient medicine and western science have proven its abundance of health benefits. Golden Grind's range of products allow you to get the full benefits of turmeric that will improve your overall wellbeing.

✔ Not coffee

✔ Certified organic ingredients

✔ High quality turmeric 

✔ True cinnamon

✔ Vegan

✔ GMO, Gluten & Caffeine free

✔ No additives or preservatives

✔ No added sugar


✔ Already mixed for ease and convenience

✔ More cost effective than making your own blends

✔ Served and sold in cafes and health food stores around Australia, New Zealand, England, The USA and Canada

✔ Free shipping Australia wide

✔ Blends are made up to contain all ingredients needed for maximum health benefits, you don’t need to add any other spices

✔ International shipping available


✔ Locally made in Melbourne

✔ Family run small business

✔ Products developed by food scientist

✔ Fair trade and no animal testing 

✔ Trusted Turmeric Products 

✔ Unique Products

✔ Portion of every bag sold goes to charity

✔ Supporting disability employment

Why Turmeric?

Turmeric is a wonderful bright yellow spice that is widely celebrated as being one of the most effective natural supplements.  From body to skin to brain, turmeric has been used in traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicines for thousands of years....

How to Make a Golden Grind Turmeric Latte

Whether you're a seasoned barista who pumps out 150 cups a day or a first time, at home customer making their first cup, we've got step-by-step how to videos to make sure you deliver liquid gold every time!

My Story

Learn about how Golden Grind came to life and the reason behind why this family chose turmeric and health.

Here's What They Say about Me

We were so excited to receive our Golden Grind order. Our customers had mentioned they'd tried other brands which they didn't like, although they love Golden Grind and are completely sold on it. 

This product helped the pain in my legs and
swear by it and there is no easier or better way to enjoy my turmeric daily !! Hence why I cam so passionate about sharing the golden grind love.I have just purchased my fourth pack of golden grind, after my first pack I felt pain in my shoulder and hand pain had reduced considerably.

THANK YOU for bringing your amazing Golden grind into my life! I had my very first 'Golden Latte' during the week and ordered my first packet then and there to have at home. the very first of many! As I took my first sip I could feel my cells thanking me for drinking your divine creation! I felt my vibe instantly rise and felt healthier immediately.  I'm hooked!  My golden latte is the first thing I make every morning now to start the day, and I looooove it so so much. Thank you xx

I, like a lot of people, had heard about the health benefits of turmeric and mainly wanted to try it because of the anti-inflammatory qualities. I was put on Golden Grind by a friend and I can't believe the benefits I'm getting from it. Not only do I feel better in my joints, I am also sleeping better than I have in years. My whole family is having it daily now, even my 13 year old son has got on board. We're all loving it and making out way through the different blends, which are great. I wish I stared drinking it earlier. 

I love to do a weekly pamper on my skin which always includes a mask. I had been looking into the benefits of turmeric for my skin and knew it was great and that's when I found Golden Grind turmeric face mask. This product smells incredible and applications is super easy . My skin seems more even, softer and has a glow. Love love love! 

I am a coffee connoisseur and know how important coffee is to my business BUT I am rapt that I have found a healthy alternative for my customers who are after a warm healthy drink on a hot day or those regulars that are after a second or third cup during the day with the health hit and no caffeine. I proudly display Golden Grind in front of my coffee machine alongside my own coffee.  I'm even going to start experimenting with it in my bliss balls and other desserts, as the product so is versatile. 

Turmeric Capsules now available!

My capsules are perfect for on the run, quick and easy, strong fix of turmeric that will work wonders for your insides.

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