Golden Grind has created Australia's top selling natural health products for over six years. Our aim is to help heal everyday ailments with the most pure natural products that having been created by science using ancient medical practices.

Shop our ready made products or take a virtual consult to have a unique product made specifically for you.

What's your health concern?

Gut Health
Energy and Focus
Joint Relief and Movement


No longer just turmeric, Golden Grind now has a full range of health products.

Offering you the option to create a product just for you, according to your signs and symptoms, or to grab a ready made product.

All Golden Grind's products have been formulated with natural herbs, botanicals, spices, mushrooms and more. Our research draws from the World's oldest medical systems including Ayuvedic, Chinese, Indigenous Australian, African traditions and more to provide personalized solutions suited to your mental and physical wellbeing.

We have products to help with all your health concerns

Medicinal Teas.
Supplement Blends.
Custom Blends.

All of Golden Grind's products are targeted to specific health concerns. We deliver personalised products with the highest possibly efficacy, using some of the most potent and natural medicines.

Want a product made just for you? We can do that too.

Our Ethos.

We are a cerified B Corp.

We believe that our health is best cured naturally.

We believe in plants, botanicals, herbs, spices + fungi creating a better wellbeing.

We believe in treating our planet with respect.

We believe that protecting biodiversity and improving our planet's health is more important than ever.

We engage in only sustainable practices.

We firmly believe in the importance in giving back, not just to our planet, but to those less fortunate. We are committed to doing this on an ongoing basis.