Journal | The Evolution of Golden Grind

Journal | The Evolution of Golden Grind

By Golden Grind

Journal | The Evolution of Golden Grind

Golden Grind was born in 2016, as a hobby and passion of 3 family members, who had a genuine desire to share the message about the health benefits of turmeric. We set out to create honest health products coupled with branding we related to as millennials. Our journey led to rapid growth (and if we may gloat, success), with stockists in over 7 countries and the likes of Selfridges and MYER ranging our products. Our range grew from 1 turmeric based product, to 9, spanning the 3 categories of superfoods, supplements and skincare. 

In early 2020, we sat down to really think about where we wanted to take the business. We wanted to grow and build on what we had created. 

As a part of that, we decided we wanted to be more than just turmeric. We had learnt so much about so many other amazing medicinal herbs and spices over our journey, and we wanted to be able to share and celebrate these in the same way we had turmeric. So we sat down, and we brainstormed, brainstormed and brainstormed. As COVID-19 hit, big parts of our business were shut down, or put on hold, as Victoria (where we're based) went into some of the harshest lockdowns in the world. Rather than feeling down and deterred, we decided to find the silver lining, and used the extra time we'd gained, to work on building out, the very originally named, Golden Grind 2.0.

We spent the next months formulating, workshopping, trialing, changing, formulating again, testing and working alongside some of Australia's leading scientists and health professionals to create a whole new range of products.

Products that harnessed the powers of a range of medicinal herbs, spices, botanicals and mushrooms, to bring you, our customers, the best possible health supplements we could. 

We worked to create products that were easy to consume, products that could fit into any lifestyle, whilst not compromising on efficacy and health outcomes. We always have, and always will, prioritise the outcome and efficacy of our products over anything else. Our products may not always taste the very best or have the very best texture, but you can trust that they have been created for maximum effect. To give you the very best health you can have. 

We set out to redefine the relationship that we have with our health, and in doing so, we hope we're able to redefine the relationship you have with yours. We believe health should be optimised using what nature grows, proven by world leading science. 

We are so excited to bring you on this journey with us, and we hope you love what we've created as much as we do. 

Welcome to a new Golden era. 

From Tahli, Renwick and Sage, the founders of Golden Grind.