Why Superfood Blends May Be Better Than Capsules

Why Superfood Blends May Be Better Than Capsules

By Golden Grind

Why Superfood Blends May Be Better Than Capsules

Food supplements have been around for a long time. Years of research and investigations have seen these evolve from the once chalky supplement to the more effective and efficient gel caps, sustained-release capsules, liquids and powders to name but a few. Although, despite these improvements, many people do not fancy swallowing these capsules but instead prefer superfood blends commonly available in powder or food like form. 

Whilst supplements can help provide the body with the essential nutrients to support healthy growth, we still need to eat. Food provides the body with most, if not all, of the nutrients and energy required to fuel various processes in the body, among other functions. This is one reason most people will oppose the idea of living off capsule supplements but will be at home with having something that looks like food. Although your mind might agree with the idea, you still want something in your stomach as well. This explains why many people today will choose supplement powders any day. Outlined below are other reasons and advantages of superfood blends.

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  1. Concentration

Although mineral and vitamin supplements may come in handy in capsule or tablet form, this isn’t exactly the same with other nutrients, such as macronutrients like proteins. This is because capsules and tablets need to be small enough to swallow, meaning you would need at least a dozens of these to get the recommended daily allowance of proteins, for example.

For health expert Glenda Bell, ensuring that you get the adequate amounts of sustenance is critical, and that is extremely difficult to get with capsules. “Some people have a tough time with capsules as it is, so having an easier way to consume the nutrients they need is important to have. The most common way to do that is with a blend or powder of sorts, so you can put more amounts in and not have to worry about swallowing a capsule.”

This is why superfood blends, such as whey protein, are sold in powder form and vitamins sold in an encapsulated form. Concentrating whey protein into a capsule would take too much energy and work and would probably alter its nutritional profile at the end of it all. It is also the current reason why all mushroom supplements are far superior in powder form that any sort of capsules or small item.

But perhaps the best and biggest example of this is fibre. We highly support getting large amount of fibres like resistance starch from proper formats like green banana powder over any sort of extracted or manipulated format.

  1. Absorption Rates

Superfood blends are relatively easier and faster to absorb than vitamin capsules. Digestion and absorption of these powders start from the mouth down the gut, getting the nutrients almost instantly to blood vessels.

Lisa Renn, an accredited nutritionist and dietician, highlights the importance of the nutrients spreading throughout your body quicker. “You want to get the effects of superfoods quicker so that you can do the things you want with more energy in a shorter period of time. Whether it’s working out, going about your day or anything in between, superfoods will get to your necessary body parts with a blend faster as opposed to a capsule.”

Capsules and tablets, on the other hand, would have to take the longer route until they are soft enough or pop open to release the contents ready for absorption.  Powdered supplements thus do not have any barrier. All you need is to add water and drink it away. The body then starts absorbing the nutrients right away, and providing quicker results.

  1. Taste and Texture

While taste is subjective, especially when it comes to food, some foods certainly taste better than others. But with blends, you can make it incredibly versatile and add in a few extra things to make it taste better if it wouldn’t taste very nice on its own. Most blends taste pretty good as they come! Capsules however, are tasteless but they also come with no texture or experience. They conceal the actual taste of whatever is in them and hide whatever textures may have once been. Nevertheless, most people will like to taste whatever they are having and almost always look forward to the meal. Would you rather have a cacao capsule or enjoy a frothy Hot Chocolate?

When it comes to superfood blends, it isn’t something you should just buy on a whim. You need to ensure that the ingredients of the superfood blend are going to improve your health, and with Golden Grind’s range, you can sleep easy knowing that you’re giving your body the best nutrients possible.

Golden Grind ensures that every ingredient is hand picked and selected for the perfect blend to improve your lifestyle. Check out the rest of our site today and find the perfect superfood blend for you.

- Article written by Jonathan Fern