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Let's go back to the days when all we knew about turmeric was that it was traditionally used in Indian cooking and stained everything bright yellow. Late 2013, to be specific, and a close knit, health focused family called the "Sangreen Watts" were running their latest venture 'Evolve Fair Food Store’ on the outskirts of Melbourne, in Belgrave. The Mother Hen of the group had heard briefly about some of her hippy friends drinking turmeric with hot milk, and Tahli, her daughter, a food scientist specialising in natural nutrition and disease prevention, was starting to see a rise in turmeric studies surface. After diving deeper into this concept and brainstorming as a team, we created our unique turmeric latte blend that maximised what we knew about portion sizing of the bright yellow spice, balanced it with the all important black pepper and delicately added enough cinnamon to flavour.

With great reluctance from the barista (in Melbourne, a town renowned for specialty coffee and degrees in coffee making, who wouldn’t be reluctant), we start selling and promoting “Golden Lattes.” Presumably, they were slow to begin with and every second person asked “Why are you putting turmeric in coffee?” (we still get bombarded with this questions). Although fast track two years and Golden Lattes at Evolve were the most popular drink on the menu. We could barely keep up with production. At times, we tried to google and purchase a ready-made mix of this blend, or something similar, but according to the internet at this time, turmeric lattes did not exist. We couldn’t find anyone globally that was selling a mix or promoting the drink. At this point, Renwick, the sales guru and ideas man of the family, announced we should package our blend and on-sell it to customers and any other cafes interested in trailing this new health, coffee alternative, phenonium. So we did. Ad hoc at first and very half-hearted, as anyone knows running a ninety-six seater café, even with all our family members involved, is far from easy.

With our turmeric latte mix bubbling away nicely but really, only locally, Sage, our academic and business brains, suggested we all focus our time on the turmeric, and move on from Evolve. And so, in a matter of weeks, the café was sold, the business was registered and Golden Grind was born.

More recently, Charlie and Luke, our extended family, have successfully launched Golden Grind UK and that’s very exciting for us. We have plans to grow Golden Grind globally but we take each day at a time, treasuring each moment.

We are now about one year into the Golden Grind journey and it’s been the biggest blessing. We have had so many great supporters and believers and we are truly thankful for everyone’s support. Golden Grind is very much still a family run business and we all carry the same values, goals and beliefs. Our mission is to allow people to make healthy nutritional choice through food and drink and enjoy the best of what nature has to offer in a social and loving way that gives back to our world.

As the Golden Grind dream progresses, we learn more and more about turmeric from peer reviewed studies, trips to India, meetings with Ayurvedic doctors and genuine people’s testimonials. We are loving everything to do with this spice and we promise to bring you the best products available to honour it’s medicinal and healing properties.

This is our story and our why. We hope you join us in being bliss and being present and staying GOLD. Remember; Think Turmeric. Think Golden Grind.