Our Promise

Our Promise

By Booster Apps

Our Promise

The roots of our blend are incredibly important to us, as is working towards creating a sustainable and fair future for all. As part of that, we have spent a great deal of time and energy in sourcing the best quality organic turmeric from India and ensuring our framers are treated fairly and enjoy what they do. Our promise it to bring a product that is ethical, fair and true to our land and our people. We source our Turmeric from the home of India. 

In July 2016, the Golden Grind team packed their bags and headed to the warmer weather to chat more with our suppliers and learn more about the process that goes into creating our Turmeric blend. 

Our Turmeric comes from a range of small organic farms, as opposed to one big   property. The farmers all work in the trade they were born into and thrive off bring their land to life. They all work as one with the land and animals in cultivating their land to be the most productive it can be. The first use the power of cattle to tread and soften the dirt to ensure it's at it's best possible for planting. The women are then in charge of planting the seeds, and do so with absolute love and precision we've never seen before. They are all truly so proud of their craft. 

Once the ladies work is completed, the men look after the growth of the crops and the pulling of the buds once they're fully developed. Unfortunately our trip wasn't able to coincide with a full grown crop, although we were able to see the growth of some buds in early stages. 

Once picked and cleaned, the turmeric is set to dry.

Once dry, it's heated traditionally to help make it ready to be brought down into powder form. 

Once heated, the Turmeric is traditionally crushed, with machines that are still manually operated to ensure consistency. 

Once crushed, we get the yellow powder that we're all so used to seeing back in Australia. This is the easiest way to transport the Turmeric and for us to consume it on a daily basis. The methods used by the locals are done in a way to best preserve the quality and active curcumin in the Turmeric. This means we can be sure that not only is Golden Grind providing you with the highest grade Turmeric, but also with Turmeric that is supporting local industry and providing Indian Agriculture to continue to thrive and grow.