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The London Coffee Scene

The London Coffee Scene

Rumour has it, London is fast catching up to Melbourne in the coffee scene. So we chatted to Sam Trevethyen of Grind and Co. to learn more...
1. What's your cafe and what's your role?
We are a group of cafes/restaurants/cocktails bars in central London called Grind, and I am the Head of Coffee
2. Why are you in the hospitality game?
I love the hustle, I love working with amazing people, driving excellent service, sharing my passion and making someones day.
3. What's the best thing about working hospo?
The people... on both sides of the counter. 
4. What's the worst?
The wages.
5. Where are you from?
I am originally from Buckinghamshire, UK, however I fell in love with coffee living in Melbourne
6. How long have you been in the London Coffee scene?
I have been working in London (and for Grind) for 3 years in September. The first Grind (Shoreditch Grind) is 6 years old.
7. Who (which place) would you say leads the world in coffee and the cafe scene?
I think that it used to be a combination of Australia and NZ, particularly Melbourne and Sydney. These days I think you have leading influencers all over the world, from Europe to the USA! Some many people doing great work!
8. Is there a strong representation of Aussies in the London Coffee world?  
I think it's impossible to talk about coffee in London without mentioning Australia (and NZ!). One of our founders is an Aussie DJ, and this is a familiar tale around these parts.
9. Do you think you look to Melbourne for trends? Or are you setting your own? 
We are always keeping and eye on trends from our antipodean friends, as well as the other corners of the world, whilst always trying to share a few of our own!
10. Current trends that you love?
I love the increased automation, particularly in coffee. Its something that is dividing the industry a bit, however I think anything that enables us to pride a more consistent product while freeing up time for increased customer interaction. For me, this is a no brainer.
11. Current trends that give you the SH*TS?
Anything that is style over substance (think Instagram pic over taste). 
12. Which cafe's or restaurants inspire you?
The St Ali family in Melbourne. 
13. Who is your ultimate person to see walk in your cafe?
Everyone! how can I choose? 
14. Favourite way to have GG?
We serve with Bonsoy, as the creaminess of the soy mylk really carries the richness of the GG.
Thanks to Sam at Grind and Co