Journal | Why You Need Turmeric, The Natural Anti-Biotic

Journal | Why You Need Turmeric, The Natural Anti-Biotic

By Golden Grind

Journal | Why You Need Turmeric, The Natural Anti-Biotic

Turmeric is nature's answer to antibiotics

Want to stay well this winter and prefer to do so without having the ‘flu shot’ or taking pharmaceuticals?

Great! So do we and it seems we have the perfect, anti-bug, naturally solution.

Some experts have been quoted saying “turmeric may be the most effective natural antibiotic in existence.”

How does it help?

In-vitro studies have indicated that the daily consumption of turmeric helps to;

  • improve digestion
  • fight bad bacteria in the GUT whilst increasing good bacteria
  • clean the colon systems which keeps everything moving along healthily
  • boost antioxidant levels
  • decrease inflammation around the body
  • modulate the immune cells
  • enhances the body’s natural antibody responses

Now since oxidative stress and inflammation often go hand in hand with bacterial infections, and as turmeric is proved to be an established anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory, this makes it an ideal candidate to use in combination therapies against bacterial pathogens of humans.

The positives

It can’t hurt, Literally. Probably the best thing about taking turmeric daily is the no negative side effects, unlike some that can arise from taking pharmaceutical drugs. A great, natural herbal solution.

The Product

Turmeric Curcumin Capsules


Trying mixing our Latte Blend with some raw, organic honey for the ultra antibiotic.  

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