Discover the world of the HEMP SEED

Discover the world of the HEMP SEED

By Booster Apps

Discover the world of the HEMP SEED
There will no doubt be a lot of talk surrounding HEMP this month. The reason being, is that from November 12th 2017, Hemp Seed and it's multiple food derivatives, will be available for human consumption. Up until this date, consuming foods containing hemp seed or proteins has been illegal in Australia. 
This is great progress for us foodies, and those health conscious, as the properties and nutritional benefits of hemp are truly unique and truly awesome. 
Lachie Stuart is someone super supportive of this movement, as he has created a life around endorsing this wonder plant. His brand Green Path Organics will be sure to reap of the legislation change, and so too should you! Read on to learn his tips on why......
  1. What is Hemp & why is it important?

Hemp is the world's most nutritionally complete food source. Derived from a non-drug variety of Cannabis Sativa L, Hemp is an ancient agricultural crop harvested for its highly nutritious oil seed, similar to Chia or Quinoa. Special genetics & modern processing equipment is used to ensure no THC is present, so the Hemp seed is a safe wholefood for the entire family.

Numerous scientific studies around the world have helped us discover the true nature of the Hemp seed & the powerful nutrition contained within. The Hemp seed has a full suite of Essential Amino Acids, compounds the body can’t make and are the basic building blocks of life.

Hemp also has an ideal ratio of Essential Fatty Acids of Omega 3, 6 & 9 which are critical for brain, skin & joint health. Not to mention 21 trace minerals & vitamins, including large amounts of protein, magnesium, manganese, fiber and folate.

In fact, Hemp's nutritional profile is so complete, scientist claim a person can live on Hemp & water alone, almost indefinitely, as it contains everything the body needs to function properly.

  1. Why has Hemp been prohibited & what’s changed? 

Hemp was the victim of a comprehensive propaganda campaign in early 20th Century. Hemp’s traditional uses of paper & textiles created serious competition to existing interests & products including Nylon, a new synthetic fabric, resulting in its complete ban.

Mistaken for its Medicinal relative Cannabis Sativa, Hemp’s ability to deliver important health outcomes have been restricted for over 70 years. However, effective advocacy & education has brought Hemp out of the shadows and into the light. Finally, our national food regulators & health ministers have accepted the scientific evidence and approved full safe consumption of Hemp food & nutraceuticals from November 12th 2017 in Australia & New Zealand.

  1. How can I add Hemp into my daily nutrition & life?

Hemp is super versatile and can be incorporated in so many delicious ways! Firstly, the protein within Australian grown hemp is highly digestible, vegan friendly, non allergen, non gmo & paleo. By adding two scoops of Hemp protein into your favourite smoothie, ensures your active body is getting those macro nutrients it needs to function & recover properly.

Hulled Hemp seeds are the squishy inner heart or core of the hemp seed. Make any meal healthy by sprinkling Hulled Hemp seeds onto salads, yogurts, vegan bowls, pasta or fish. They have a pleasantly neutral & earthy taste which complements many culinary dishes perfectly.

Lastly, Hemp oil is luxuriously smooth cold pressed salad or finishing oil. With more nutrients than Coconut & Olive oil combined, keep Australian Hemp oil in the fridge and add to make any meal healthy but avoid cooking with it. Hemp oil can also make a rich skin oil in natural cosmetics and a multi-functional nutraceutical. According to the World Health Organisation, Hemp seed oil has the ideal ratio of Essential Fatty Acids of 3:1, making it the world’s most effective & sustainable source of Omega’s as we move away from fish oil supplements.

  1. Tell me more about the sustainability aspects of Hemp?

No other natural resource on earth offers the commercial, economic and environmental benefits of Hemp. From food, fibre, biofuels, plastics to natural medicines, Hemp is good for you and the environment! As the world becomes more sustainable, Hemp will play an increasingly important role in offsetting CO2 emissions which pollute our limited oxygen supplies as we continue logging at alarming rates. Growing 20 times faster than trees, Hemp plants absorb 4 times as much CO2 than trees through its 120 day growth cycle. Upon harvesting, this captured Carbon can be stored as a building material called ‘Hempcrete’.

Combined with a lime binder & water, Hempcrete continues to absorb carbon and harden over time creating a sound, fire and mould resistant walls or insulation. Because of its special properties, Hempcrete homes are comparable to brick homes in construction costs but also attract a 7 star energy rating meaning significantly lower energy bills and a net benefit to the environment.

Ask your local café & supermarket if they carry Australian Hemp, it’s coming to a store near you from November 12th. Better still -  watch this space for our next product launch coming in 3 weeks :)

Lachie Stuart is a hemp pioneer and environmental activist. His advocacy work was instrumental in the legalisation of the Australian Medical Cannabis & Hemp industries. His latest venture,, is a social enterprise specialising in 100% Australian grown organic Hemp products.