Journal | The Top 5 Most Effective Natural Antibiotics

Journal | The Top 5 Most Effective Natural Antibiotics

By Golden Grind

Journal | The Top 5 Most Effective Natural Antibiotics

The top 5 most effective, natural antibiotics

If you're anything like us, you're wanting to stay well this winter, naturally, but you're also preferring to cure anything nasty that comes along, naturally. 
Hearing more and more about the potentially damaging and unknown ongoing effects of some pharmaceuticals and antibiotics use, we too, are wanting natural alternatives.
Did you know 1 in 10 people suffer from upsets in their digestive systems after taking a course of antibiotics? 
So what are our top 5 effective and proven natural antibiotics suggestions? 
1. TURMERIC (Of course)

Extensive studies have found that Turmeric may be the most effective natural antibiotic in existence. Why? Because it has shown to:

  • improve digestion
  • fight bad bacteria in the GUT whilst increasing good bacteria
  • clean the colon systems which keeps everything moving along healthily
  • boost antioxidant levels
  • decrease inflammation around the body
  • modulate the immune cells
  • enhances the body’s natural antibody responses

Since oxidative stress and inflammation often go hand in hand with bacterial infections, and as turmeric is proven to be an established anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory, this makes it an ideal candidate to use in combination therapies against bacterial pathogens of humans. You can stock up on your winter turmeric needs here.

turmeric capsules


High quality honey contains a lot, like over 60 types of bacteria that will actively fight against other nasty bacteria, hence it's commonly referred to as antibacterial (confusing because it contains so many bacterial). Thing is, there's literally millions of different types of bacteria, only some upset us and cause illness, most is useful and positive for the healthy functioning of our bodies. It's boosting the good ones that helps fight off the bad ones....

"Nothing gets me back on track faster than a few doses of turmeric and honey" - Tahli 

You can purchase perfect remedy here to make your own potent natural antibiotic which includes using our turmeric latte blend mixed with a high quality honey


Throughout history, many cultures have recognised the potential use of garlic for prevention and treatment of different diseases. Recent studies support the effects of garlic and its extracts in a wide range of aliment treatment. Different compounds in garlic are thought to reduce the risk for cardiovascular diseases, have anti-tumour and anti-microbial effects, and significantly improve the quality of blood. Overall a wonderful natural antibiotic.  

Natural Antibiotics


Oregano possesses significant antibacterial and anti-fungal activities that fight against bacteria's, pathogens, harmful fungi, even antibiotic resistant microorganisms making it a great and safe antimicrobial agent.


Extracts of Echinacea have effectively proven in studies to directly kill certain types of harmful bacteria making the effects of this natural supplement, instant. 


Turmeric Curcumin Capsules


Trying mixing our Latte Blend with some raw, organic honey for the ultra natural antibiotic.  

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